The use of Chinese herbs goes hand in hand with acupuncture and is an essential part of Oriental Medicine. Chinese herbal formulas treat a wide variety of conditions by stimulating the body's natural healing process and have shown excellent results in countless studies. Unlike most single-ingredient herbal supplements administered by Naturopathic Doctors or those sold in health-food stores, Chinese herbs are taken in formulas which combine two to eighteen different herbs and/or medicinal substances (minerals and animal products); the herbs and medicinal substances in these formulas have been found to work synergistically together to increase the healing power of the whole while simultaneously eliminating any potential imbalances that could be created by taking too much of any individual herb.

The vast majority of the herbal formulas used by Oriental Medicine practitioners have been in documented use for 1000-2,000 years. It is the oldest continuously practiced written medical tradition and its use has been extensively documented, refined and innovated within by thousands of Chinese doctors throughout history. It is the subject of extensive modern research.